Model DDX PrePaK

Factory Assembled Preaction, Dry Pipe & Deluge Systems

Photo of DDX cabinet

Standard Equipment

Built Using the Reliable Model DDX Valve

Industry leading reliability in Preaction, Dry Pipe, and Deluge Valve technology.

The Cabinet

  • Powder coated steel construction
  • All sizes fit through a standard 36” (914 mm) doorway
  • Lifting eyes
  • Access panels on both sides
  • Water supply and drain connections on both sides and at common centerlines
  • Supply and system pressure gauges as well as (optional) releasing control panel display are visible through the gasketed cabinet door
  • Grommets provided for pipe penetrations
Electrical connections
All electrical connections consolidated to a factorywired
terminal box.
Potter Alarm
Potter Alarm and Supervisory Pressure Switches (where applicable).
Photo of disable switch
Potter Model RCDS-1 Releasing Circuit Disable Switch—Provides a supervised method of disconnecting the solenoid during system maintenance and service.
Supply side control valve
Supply Side Control Valve

Other Accessories: Gauges, trim piping, wiring, and manual emergency release station. Factory assembled and performance tested by Reliable saving time in the field.

Reliable Model DDX PrePaK

Factory Assembled Preaction, Dry Pipe, & Deluge Systems

Photo of cabinet open

DDX Deluge Valve

Time- and field-proven mechanical deluge valve with latching clapper. Helps prevent false-tripping and utilizes a single main drain valve. Valve sizes from 2” (50 mm) to 8” (200 mm).
Crafted from stainless steel, the clapper, seat, and push rod assembly provide maximum protection against corrosion.
Resetting the clapper of the Model DDX Deluge Valve is easily accomplished using the external reset knob at the rear of the valve.

All sizes are designed to fit through a standard 36” doorway, and all electrical connections are consolidated to a factory-wired terminal box.

Equipment Options


  • Electric Actuation
  • Dry Pilot
  • Wet Pilot
Single Interlock Preaction
  • Type D Electric
  • Dry Pilot
  • Wet Pilot
Double Interloc Preaction
  • Type D Electric/Electric
  • Type F Electric/Pneumatic
  • Type PL Pneumatic/Pneumatic
Dry Pipe
  • Model DDX-LP (Low Supervisory Pressure)

System Pneumatic Devices & Options

Model B1 Accelerator Trim Kit
Model B1 Accelerator Trim Kit
Potter Model PFC4410RC Releasing Control Panel
Potter Model PFC4410RC Releasing Control Panel
QRM Quiet Air Compressors ½ HP, 1 HP, or 1½ HP in 115VAC (60 Hz)
QRM Quiet Air Compressors ½ HP, 1 HP, or 1½ HP
in 115VAC (60 Hz)
Nitrogen Supply Kit
Nitrogen Supply Kit
Model NS-ASAM Kit
Model NS-ASAM Kit
System Side Control Valve Kit
System Side Control Valve Kit
Nitrogen Tank Bracket
Nitrogen Tank Bracket
300 psi Solenoid
300 psi Solenoid
Dessicant Dryer
Dessicant Dryer

Reliable team photo

The Reliable Difference

  • Factory-assembled at Reliable’s Manufacturing Headquarters in Liberty, SC.
  • A Reliable trained technician assembles and is responsible for each PrePaK.
  • Reliable Technicians stand behind their work, so much so, their signature goes on the label.
  • Each PrePaK passes Reliable’s rigorous performance testing.

Assembled in-house. Never outsourced.
Built in Liberty, SC by Reliable.

For more about PrePaK Preaction Systems contact your closest Reliable office today.


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