About Us

A Leader in the Fire Protection Industry

Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributor of fire protection products. Reliable manufactures the highest quality and most innovative fire sprinklers, valves and special systems on the market; distributes a full line of best in class system components; and backs it up with premier customer service. Reliable’s corporate headquarters is located in Elmsford, NY; manufacturing plant in Liberty, SC, and regional sales and distribution centers throughout the US and across the world.

The Mission

To serve as a fire protection leader by (i) manufacturing the highest quality sprinklers and valves (ii) producing and distributing a complete line of system components (iii) providing innovative solutions (iv) delivering the highest level of customer service and (v) teaming with customers as valuable strategic partners; while upholding the Fee Family ownership-management commitment of supporting the fire protection industry, associations and Reliable family of employees since 1920.

The Future

Reliable is finishing a recent phase in “Project Growth”, an initiative adding 150,000 square feet to its state of the art manufacturing facility and bringing its total footprint to 450,000 square feet.  This extension includes additional, advanced automation and robotic equipment that deliver both the capacity and production efficiency to fuel Reliable’s ability to cost-effectively manufacture the highest quality product, support customer demand and drive innovation.  “Project Growth” will continue into the future and represents an investment in Reliable, the Fire Protection Industry, and most importantly, Reliable’s ability to provide customers with the highest quality products, service and support for the next 100 years.

Commitment to the Fire Protection Industry

Reliable has always been an industry-minded company. Past President Frank J. Fee, Jr., attained many notable positions in the fire protection community, including Chairman of the National Fire Protection Association and Chairman of the National Automatic Sprinkler and Fire Control Association.

Frank J. Fee III, Reliable’s Chairman, has served on the National Fire Protection Association’s International Advisory Board. He was past Chairman of the Board and Director of the National Fire Sprinkler Association and held several Board positions including Treasurer, Secretary, and Director of the National Fire Protection Association. Frank has been the recipient of AFSA’s “Henry S. Parmelee Award” (1990), NFSA’s “Golden Sprinkler Award” (1998), NFPA’s “Distinguished Service Award” (1998), and recently elected to the NFSA’s Hall of Fame (2018), in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the fire sprinkler industry.

Kevin T. Fee, Reliable’s President and Board Member, is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the National Fire Sprinkler Association and has recently completed a term as Treasurer (2008 – 2012). Kevin has been the recipient of NFSA’s “Golden Sprinkler Award” (2008).  He was Vice Chairman (1986 – 1990) and Chairman (1990 – 1994). Kevin has been a Board member since 1981 and with over 30 years is the longest tenured Board member in the history of NFSA. Kevin was a founding member of the International Fire Sprinkler Association and served as its first Chairman (2000 – 2003) and is presently a Board member. Kevin was also past Chairman of the American Fire Sprinkler Association’s Manufacturer and Supplier Council and is a member of the National Fire Protection Association.

Michael R. Fee served on the American Fire Sprinkler Association’s Manufacturer and Supplier Council, Legislative Committee, and Membership Committee. For many years, Michael was on the Membership Committee and helped establish the local chapter development programs. Michael has been Chairman (2000-2004) and Vice Chairman (1998-2000) of AFSA’s Manufacturer and Supplier Council.

Kevin T. Fee, Jr., Reliable’s Vice President of Sales, Americas, is currently serving on the National Fire Sprinkler Association’s Future Leadership Committee.

Reliable is proud to be ISO9001 Certified.

A Family Owned Business for Almost 100 Years

Frank J Fee outside store
Our Beginnings
Frank J. Fee
Frank J. Fee
Frank J. Fee Jr
Frank J. Fee Jr
Frank J. Fee III
Frank J. Fee III
Chairman of the Board
Kevin T. Fee
Kevin T. Fee

Michael R. Fee
Special Advisor
to the President
Kevin T. Fee, Jr.
Vice President,
Sales, Americas
Frank J. Fee, IV
Vice President,
Marketing & Bus. Dev.

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